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Complete Derby Days Collections to earn prizes! The Collections tab is located in the top-right corner of your Ranch and looks like a gold trophy.

Collections can be completed using decorative items, buildings, and horse traits. Items in the table marked with an asterisk (*) can be acquired through winning Championship derbies. Items in italics require cash to purchase.

All requirements must be placed on your ranch at the same time to validate a collection.

Collection requirements and prizes!
Collection Name Requirements Prizes Cash Cost
Essentials Weathered Crate, Simple Barn, Trough Small Energy Pack 0
Bullseye Shade Shack, Bull, Hay Roll Blue Balloon 0
Pet Shop Kitten*, Dog*, Baby Panther 1 Cash 0
Fruitful Trees Apple Tree, Orange Tree, Plum Tree 50 Carrots 0
High Class Luxury Trough, Luxury Barn, Luxury Shower* 2 Cash 0
Hedge Your Bets Yellow Hedge, Black Hedge, Blue Hedge Pink Hedge 0
Piggies Pigsty, Pig*, Simple Shower 2 Cash 0
Home & Garden Chicken Topiary, Dog Topiary, Cat Topiary Wooden Fence 0
Tool Box Anvil, Toolshed, Disc Plow Small Energy Pack 15
Color Me Red Red Hedge, Big House, Flamingo* Fire Pit 40
Color Me Green Green Gate, Green Balloon, Wild Hedge Oak Tree 4
Forest & Faun Fox*, Red House, Deer* Moose 150
Wild Things Baby Panther, Baby Tiger, Baby White Tiger* Energy Pack 42
Poker Face Spade, Diamond, Club Heart 24
Superstar Wagon Wheels, Truck, Horse Trailer Wagon 50
Easter Eggs Marshmallow Bunny, Bubble Bunny, Cotton Candy Bunny Fluffy Bunny 0
Mariachi Guitar Cactus, Guitarrón Cactus, Trumpet Cactus Maracas Cactus 30
High Status Copper Statue, Bronze Statue, Silver Statue Gold Statue 0
All-in Yellow Stud, Red Mare, Pink Steed Copper Statue 0
Shades of Gray Blue Horse, Green Mare, Purple Stallion Bronze Statue 0
Rock & Roll White Stud, Grey Steed, Black Bronco Silver Statue 0
Golden Ages Mohawk Locks, Rocker Spikes, Royal Curls 3 Cash 0
Living Large Flowing Mane, Shaggy Hair, Princess Locks 3 Cash 0
Silver Ages Braids, Unicorn Cut, Sorority Curls 3 Cash 0
Neopolitan White Spikes, Yellow Spikes, Orange Spikes 2 Cash 0
The Jungle Leopard Spots, Zebra Stripes, Big Spots 2 Cash 0
Emotional Curious Eyes, Angry Eyes, Tired Eyes 2 Cash 0
Suave Wide Eyes, Bright Eyes, Alluring Eyes 2 Cash 0
Masquerade Bird Beak, Puppy Nose, Rabbit Nose 3 Cash 0
Hoof Hotties Rock'n Roll Hooves, Milky Way, Cha Cha Steppers 3 Cash 0
Spirited Angel Wings, Eagle Wings, Wicked Wings 4 Cash 0
Wind Dancers Will-o Wisp Wings, Pixie Wings, Princess Wings 4 Cash 0
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